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  • Vacuum all carpet areas
  • Strip and install 3 coats of wax to VCT or any type of floor as needed
  • Sweep all concrete areas
  • Clean all wood floors
  • Clean inside and out of all millwork
  • Clean inside and outside of all exterior windows
  • Clean all interior windows, including the frame
  • Wipe down all switch and plug covers
  • Clean and sanitize all plumbing fixtures
  • Remove any labels that are not permanent
  • Remove any plastic on toilet accessories/partition and wipe down
  • Clean all mirrors in the restrooms
  • Wipe down all doors and frames
  • Wipe down and clean inside of all fire extinguishers and cabinets
  • Wipe down interior electrical or mechanical rooms
  • We offer safety program training

* We also offer additional/specialized floor services upon request.

  • Bonnet Buffing and much more…

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